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MEAT PROCESSING PLANTS We provide planning for animal slaughter houses in Alberta. We have designed both white meat and red meat processing plants by working closely with the local authorities, contractor, business owner, and engineers. DAIRY BARNS Many producers in the dairy market have used our services to design their barns. SHEDS, SHOPS, Etc. If you need assistance with any structure on your farm, do not hesitate to contact us.


OFFICE BUILDINGS, SHOPS, OILFIELD BUILDINGS Etc. There are numerous regulations to building construction methods. Many people plan to construct a building but are surprised to find that they need engineering on it. They immediately associate this with huge charges. We are not engineers, but as a small, family operated business, we work closely with your choice of professional engineers to ensure your project's success.


For residential jobs, we have drawn everything from 800 square foot family dwellings to a 10 unit apartment. Our three dimension drawings assist in visualizing your new home.